As a website developer we operate in a space where we are challenged with taking a clients idea, their vision and intent for a site, carefully navigating them through the complexities of a technical world that often makes no sense, combining branding, layout, colour, fonts, and content, to achieve a final, and hopefully, cohesive outcome.

We wrestle with browser idiosyncrasies, the need to have sites respond to the myriad of different devices they can be viewed on, the rapid development and changing core technologies that underpin the modern web, all the time abstracting the client form the worst of these challenges, and keeping the end goal in mind, which is usually very business focused.

It’s all very nerdy, and it’s all very normal.

So it’s completely unexpected when the content, and whole point of a site hits you right in the heart, and the otherwise nerdy experience becomes emotional, and sad. I’m a web developer, but I’m also a dad.

Constructing the montages on this site involved sorting through some seven hundred images. Images that chronicled a young man’s life, from his earliest years, growing up, and becoming a beautiful vibrant young man, only to be taken from us way too soon, and in a difficult to comprehend, unfair way.

I stopped to hug my sons many times while I was putting this together. I hope this site meets it’s objectives, and serves David’s memory well.